Keke Williams for Texas House District 54

An Accountable Leader Ready to Serve

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“As a Staff Sergeant, and then a Captain, I stood in honor and acceptance of my duty to ensure every Soldier was present and accounted for. Some called this leadership, but I called it accountability.”

– Keke Williams

Accountable Leadership

The challenges we face – new and old – demand leaders who hold themselves accountable for the well-being of every citizen. Keke is running for State Representative for Texas House District 54 so that she can represent every member of her Community.


Access to healthcare

Keke will push for access to quality and affordable healthcare through Medicare expansion.

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Stronger public schools

Keke believes the state needs to increase teacher salaries and fully fund Pre-K.

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Supporting working families

Keke knows we need to raise the minimum wage so families can make ends meet.

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Safe and humane communities

Keke supports criminal justice reform and reducing crime and violence in all communities.

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Meet Keke Williams

Keke is a mother, a proud combat veteran, and a member of a Gold Star Family. Throughout her life, she has worked hard to succeed at every test, job, mission, and assignment. She’s ready to take on the challenge of representing her community.

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“Texas Veterans! Do you want someone who is going to represent us in the Texas House? To fight for our right as Veterans. Then support a Veteran that I served with and would go to war with any day of the week! Help me get her in office!”

-CPT Jerame Johnson

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