“Texas Veterans! Do you want someone who is going to represent us in the Texas House? To fight for our right as Veterans. Then support a Veteran that I served with and would go to war with any day of the week! Help me get her in office!”

–CPT Jerame Johnson

“I had the privilege of having her as my NCOIC. As SGT Williams, she was deeply passionate and diligent in her role as a Leader in and out of uniform. She will provide what is needed within the community.”

–Lana O’Neal

“My vote is going to Keke Williams. I seen her in action as a Soldier and she will provide much needed leadership within the community.”


“A truly dedicated Soldier and Citizen. She will serve us all well in office.”

–LTC Vernon Williams

“We need more Politicians who are smart, honest, fair, and are dedicated to the Country and not their own causes/agendas!”

–Kristina Smiley

“Best Leader I have ever served with!”

–SSG Sylvia Montano

“Best leader hands down! She puts Family First for herself and her Soldiers. My Family was missing, and I came to her for help. No questions asked, she dropped everything to assist in my efforts of locating my Family; and we were successful. They were unharmed!”

–SFC Atronda Lipscomb

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