From healthcare, to public school, to supporting working families, Keke’s focused on the issues that matter most to her community.

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Access to healthcare

Keke will push for access to quality and affordable healthcare through Medicaid expansion. She will also protect funding for Planned Parenthood, where many women and families receive crucial healthcare services.

Stronger public schools

Keke’s daughter recently graduated from Harker Heights High School. She believes the state needs to pay its fair share of funding for public education, especially to increase teacher salaries and fully fund Pre-K throughout the state.

Supporting working families

Keke knows we need to raise the minimum wage so families can support themselves with one job instead of needing two or three to make ends meet. She also supports equal pay for women and paid family and medical leave for all families.

Safe and humane communities

Keke works with many families who fall victim to sex trafficking, gun violence, homelessness and injustice. She wants a greater focus on criminal justice reform and reducing crime and violence in all communities.


Keke is a proud supporter of the CROWN Act, banning hair discrimination in Texas.

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